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Consumption of milk, particularly whey, has long been known to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels1.

Whey is a product of the cheese industry. Cheese production involves separating the milk into two compounds. One is a solid matter known as curd, which produces the cheese, and the other is a liquid containing 95% water, which is the whey.
Whey is a protein concentrate which, once dehydrated and reduced to a powder, serves as the basis for the production of many high-protein products.

Drawing on their expertise in dairy products, Ingredia researchers actively with La Rochelle University (CNRS) researchers to isolate the active Alanine-Proline dipeptide.

This is the origin of Pep2Dia®, a patented whey hydrolysate designed to regulate blood sugar levels.

1 Chen M et al. Dairy Consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes. BM Med 2014; 12 : 215

« 10% of Ingredia’s staff is dedicated to R&D »

The Pep2Dia® patent, the result of lengthy research

Based in Pas-de-Calais, northern France, Ingredia is a subsidiary of the Prospérité Fermière cooperative group and specialises in processing milk, particularly cracking milk.

Milk cracking is an industrial process that involves breaking down a raw (unprocessed) food into several ingredients.

After three years of research and in partnership with the LIENSs laboratory, a multidisciplinary CNRS research team, and La Rochelle University, Ingredia launched a bioactive ingredient derived from milk proteins. It is a 100% French product made from cow’s milk from an integrated chain in the dairy area around the town of Arras. It is 100% natural and toxicity-free thanks to the gentle milk separation methods used.

The beneficial effects of Pep2Dia®, in particular the significant reduction in blood sugar levels after a meal high in sugar (up to 21%), have been demonstrated in a clinical trial1 on 21.

1Biotesys, 2022

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