HomeBioactive Pep2Dia®Natural and from French milk

Pep2Dia®, a natural product from the French dairy sector

HomeBioactive Pep2Dia®Natural and from French milk

Made from French milk, Pep2Dia® is at the cutting edge of innovation.

It is thanks to the expertise and knowledge pooled during close collaboration between La Rochelle University, CNRS’s LIENSs laboratory and Ingredia, a company specialising in milk processing, that bioactive Pep2Dia® was created.

After three years of research and the implementation of preclinical and clinical trials, the results prove the beneficial effects of Pep2Dia® on blood sugar management.

Pep2Dia®, a committed French ingredient

Located in the Arras dairy region, Ingredia is an eco-responsible dairy cooperative offering bioactive ingredients made from the milk of our cows.

In addition, Ingredia has introduced a sustainable development approach with commitments to the future for people and the planet. Via Lacta®’s CSR policy enables :

  • Support for producers and cooperative employees in the production of quality products and exceptional ingredients
  • A response to global challenges, particularly related to poverty, inequalities, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity etc.
  • Mobilisation of the entire value chain in favour of sustainable development

Concerned about animal welfare, since 2017 Ingredia has been committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility policy which guarantees:

  • Cows fed without GMOs, for excellent quality milk
  • A minimum of 1,500 m² grazing area per cow
  • Feeding on grass for a minimum of 170 days
  • A minimum purchase price and a bonus for livestock farmers involved in the process

Through its various actions, Ingredia is committed to eco-responsible milk collection.

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