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Pep2Dia® and its clinical studies

Pep2Dia ® is a 100% natural ingredient obtained from French milk. Pep2Dia® is made for those willing to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve their health.

Pep2Dia® contains an Alanine-Proline dipeptide which inhibits intestinal alpha-glucosidase enzyme responsible for converting sugars into glucose, resulting in the reduction of blood sugar.

Preclinical and clinical Pep2Dia® studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in postprandial blood sugar levels, as well as the absence of side effects and toxicity.

During this presentation Joanna Moro, Bioactives Clinical Trials Specialist at Ingredia, analyses the differents clinical studies led for Pep2Dia® and the results.

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Pep2Dia and its clinical studies

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