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2 new structure function claims for Pep2dia® in the US

With 88 million of prediabetics estimated by the CDC*, of which 80% will turn diabetic within 5 to 10 years if nothing is done, the prevention of diabetes is a strong concern in the US.
Reaching this stage of worrying blood sugar levels can happen quite easily after 40 years old, especially if there’s a family history of diabetes, obesity, a lack of physical activity and/or an unbalanced diet challenging your pancreas function. 

Aware of the risk and size of concerned population, Ingredia has launched Pep2Dia®, an inhibitor of the alpha-glucosidase enzyme which helps with the reduction of post-meal glycemia peak, and consequently with keeping healthy blood sugar levels.

Following a NDI** status obtained in February, Ingredia has notified to FDA*** 2 structure function claims for Pep2Dia®, namely:
– Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels after meals,
– Helps to support healthy blood sugar levels.

* Center for Disease Control and Prevention

** New Dietary Ingredient*

** Food and Drug Administration

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